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Our Company

Our staff consists of the following:


  • Five (5) full time designers (all NICET III or above) all utilizing 3D Design Software; and two (2) full time mechanical engineers.


  • Project Management and Field Superintendants overseeing projects – approximately 75 employees at this time.


  • On Premises Fabrication Shop.


  • Three (3) Contract and Service Estimators.


  • Insurance: 1 million each - General Liability, Workers Compensation, USL & H, Maritime B, Automotive, and Professional Liability; 5 million Umbrella.


  • Bonding: 15 million aggregate; 3 million per job.


  • Sprinkler, Service and Special Hazard Divisions.

Coastal Fire Protection is currently in our 17th year of business specializing in handling fire detection, gas detection, and fire suppression systems. We handle the engineering, design, construction, installation, inspection and maintenance for fire protection.


We safeguard industrial assets and the processes vital to business interests. We provide the best fire protection for high-value assets with suppression systems that utilize a broad array of extinguishing agents that include the latest CAFex Clean Agents: HFC-227 EA (FM200), Novec 1230, CO2, Nitrogen , and Argonite. Coastal Fire has Ultra Fog water-mist that deliver high-pressure pumps that convert water into vapor, reducing oxygen and cooling the fire in marine applications.


  • Marine Division of Coastal Fire Protection has the knowledge and expertise works with well- known shipbuilders like Bollinger (U.S. Coast Guard), and Huntington Ingalls (U.S. Navy vessels). There are also tremendous opportunities for the new-build offshore supply vessels, deep-water ships.   


  • Special Hazards Group focuses on the heavy industrial complex sites along the Mississippi River for the energy, petro-chemical, and offshore platforms and living quarters for the oil and gas industries that need extensive fire & gas detection and suppression systems. We use intelligent fire & gas detection systems that can be integrated into a single panel with addressable loops 


  • Commercial Sprinkler Division has been very active providing safety and fire detection for commercial properties, hospitals, schools, hotels, and manufacturing facilities.  


  • Inspection & Maintenance Division performs complete system, renovation, repair, & maintenance of dry pipe systems, pre-action systems, stand pipe systems, and water supply systems. 


  • Installation team here at Coastal Fire Protection has field superintendents that are experienced consultants prepared to meet your requests during construction according to project guidelines. Our installation crew are efficient, orderly, and cooperative on the job site. 


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