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Who We Are

Founded in June of 1997 and specializing in the design, installation and service of fire safety and security solutions in the private and government sectors. Although our company continues to expand and grow, we are committed to the highest quality and individual customer satisfaction. Coastal Fire Protection is recognized for our expertise in every phase of Industrial, Commercial, Marine, Offshore and Government applications of fire protection, establishing a solid reputation for excellence and reliability.


We currently employ approximately 50 people focusing on sales, production and service to the Gulf Coast Region. Coastal Fire Protection has a full warehouse and fabrication facility in New Orleans that produces pipe spool pieces, control units and manifold assemblies. 


At Coastal Fire Protection LLC, it is our goal to provide excellent service to our customers through qualified/experienced employees and keeping current of technology and advancements in the industry.  It is our objective to hire the absolute best-qualified people and sell only the best products to accomplish this goal.

What We Do


  • Low and High Pressure CO2

  • AFFF and High Expansion Foam

  • Dry Chemical Systems

  • Clean Agent Systems including:

    • HFP/FM-200

    • Inergen

    • CO2

    • Novec

  • Fire/Gas Detection Systems

  • Sprinkler Systems

  • Water Mist Systems

  • Wet Chemical (ie Galley Hood Systems)

  • Aerosols


People trust Coastal Fire Protection because we know our business and are professionals in our field. This trust is reinforced by the quality we instill in the work that we do — from fire detection and gaseous systems to watermist and sprinklers. Coastal Fire Protection offers solutions you can depend on.


Contact us to quote your next project.

Contact Us


Coastal Fire Protection L.L.C.

New Orleans Office

200 L&A Road, Suite B

Metairie, LA 70001

TEL 504-838-1265

FAX 504-838-1271



The Coast Guard accepted delivery of the fourth National Security Cutter, Hamilton, in Pascagoula, Miss., Monday.

Hamilton will be the first of two NSCs to be homeported in Charleston, S.C.  The cutter will be commissioned into service Dec. 6.

“After three years of fabrication and expert craftsmanship, Ingalls shipyard has delivered a great ship to the Coast Guard,” said Capt. Douglas Fears, the prospective commanding officer of Hamilton. “The Coast Guard's Project Resident Office has fastidiously overseen the production of Hamilton through all key acquisition milestones.” 


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