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Water Mist Systems


Coastal Fire Protection sells, designs, customizes, installs, and services water mist systems.


High pressure water mist technology relies on very small droplet sprays to extinguish a fire. Standard sprinklers have relatively poor penetration capability into obstructed areas. They are designed to control fires, but not necessarily extinguish them. Water mist systems require far less water than sprinklers in extinguishing a fire and have the capability to completely extinguish fires. Water mist may have the ability to hold a fire in check and prevent it from spreading, thus controlling its growth. Advantages of a water mist system include: it is nontoxic, has no environmental issues and is inexpensive in contrast to other systems.


sprinkler in the following ways:


  • utilize water quantities a tenth or lower than sprinkler

  • can suppress flammable liquid

  • pool storage is easily facilitated

  • water damage eliminated

  • non-electrically conductive


Less damage to protected equipment and with that, faster return to normal activity. Fast extinguishing - fast sprinklers with low RTI value or by detectors. The fine water drops bind smoke particles and minimized smoke damages. Small pipe dementions - discreet shaping of the system results in very high extinguishing effect with very little water amount. No posions. Environmentally safe. The amount of dirty extinguishing water will be a miimum.  Flashover will be avoided with the water mist and the maintenance costs are low.


Water mist systems have proved to be successful, for example, in protecting vessels, offshore platforms, machinery areas and turbine enclosures. Ultra Fog is the solution of choice, particularly for applications where superior fire suppression performance, easy installation and minimal water damage are key benefits. Water mist technology provides safety for people, property and the environment in many diffrerent applications. It is backed-up by a dedicated team, whose aim is to provide customer satisfaction.


The water mist technology has a range of working pressures, from 60 bar up to 150 bar, depending on what type of application the system is designed for. Normal working pressure is approx. 120 bar. This flexibility is possible due to the unique technology and design of the Ultra Fog nozzle. Our systems are of the single fluid type, which means that only one set of pipework is necessary, which simplifies installation and maintenance. The water is easily supplied by pressurized cylinder arrangements, pumps or a combination of the two.


10 Good Reasons for Choosing Water Mist


  1. Major cooling effect when the water droplets transform into vapour.

  2. Very high extinguishing effect - relative to the amount of water. Less damage to equipment and faster restoration.

  3. Fast extinguishing - Fast sprinklers with low RTI value or by detectors.

  4. Rarefied oxygen in the fire zone, through the water fog.

  5. Over-pressure is produced in the space, which prevents new oxygen from joining the fire.

  6. Flashover will be avoided by the water fog.

  7. Reduced drain and scupper dimensions. The amount of dirty extinguished water will be kept to a minimum.

  8. Environmentally friendly and safe - no toxins.

  9. At sea, stability problems are reduced to a minimum.

  10. Simple installation. Discreet piping system. Requires no hot work.

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