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Foam Agents & Hardware


Coastal Fire Protection uses a complete line of foam agents and hardware that, when used in conjunction with one another, make an unbeatable fire-fighting combination. The selection includes bladder tanks, balanced pressure pump skid paks, eductors, monitors, foam chambers, foam makers, high expansion foam generators, foam carts and handline nozzles. Many of the components can be customized to provide optimal protection for your unique situation. All foam system components are precision made from rugged materials to provide years of dependable service.


Types of foam agents:

Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF), Alcohol-Resistant Concentrates (ARC), Protein Foam Concentrates, Fluoroprotein Foam Concentrates and High Expansion Foam Concentrates


Types of proportioning systems:

Bladder tanks, pump skids and in-line balanced pressure systems


Types of discharge devices:

Foam Monitors: Foam monitors are designed to control the horizontal and vertical directions of large capacity discharge streams. Water-oscillating monitors will automatically move side-to-side using water pressure as the energy source. Remote controlled monitors use an electric joystick tied into a hydraulic system. Other monitors are operated manually using a tiller bar to control direction and elevation. Various aspirating and non-aspirating nozzles are also available for use with monitors and/or handlines.


Sprinkler Heads: Sprinkler heads are available from various manufacturers in both non-aspirated and aspirated versions. Non-aspirated heads with AFFF agents are more economical and can be used in either open deluge or closed-head sprinkler systems. Aspirated sprinkler heads are required for protein and fluoroprotein foams in deluge systems.


Foam Chambers and Foam Makers: Foam chambers and foam makers are air-aspirating devices designed to protect flammable liquid storage tanks. Foam chambers apply expanded foam gently down the inside of the tank wall onto the liquid surface. High back pressure foam makers inject expanded foam through the tank wall near the bottom of the tank allowing foam to gently rise to the surface. Other types of foam makers are installed in the foam distribution piping where expanded foam is directed to specific hazards such as dike areas or floating-roof tank seal areas.


Foam Generators: Foam generators deliver large quantities of foam by expanding foam solution in the range of 200:1 to 1000:1. The high-expansion generator operates by coating its screen with high-expansion foam solution while air is blown through the screen to produce expanded foam. Because of its high expansion ratio, little water is required to generate large quantities of foam thereby reducing the potential for hazardous run-off or water damage. Jet-X foam® generators are water-powered and require no other sources of power.


Protecting the Environment

In addition to delivering superior reliability, our foam concentrates are all manufactured without EPA reportable components, thus reducing environmental impact. By using only Earth-friendly components, we relieve you of the major problems and burdensome paperwork that can result from the discharge of other foam concentrates. This environmental commitment in no way dilutes the fire-fighting effectiveness of these products. Every foam concentrate manufacturer is subjected to rigorous quality control standards and comprehensive testing to ensure complete reliability and maximum fire fighting performance.

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