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Our Services

Coastal Fire Protection can devise a strategy for the most efficient and effective fire sprinkler detection and suppression systems based on your needs.

Coastal Fire Protection has handled multi-million dollar fire protection, detection, and sprinkler projects for major government buildings, hospitals, universities, schools, etc. and provided cutting-edge fire detection products and services for ships, rigs, and vessels internationally. 


Furthermore, Coastal Fire Protection has consulted with companies regarding fire protection in the United States, Middle East, Caribbean, Europe and more.


Please contact us to request a bid for your next project.



Coastal Fire Protection's design department has the knowledge and expertise to create advanced systems for your project using the latest in technology. We have the skills, credentials, and experience necessary to handle complex fire protection systems according to your needs.

We can and have
designed for:
  • commercial buildings

  • military installations

  • Ships and Vessels

  • Plants, Hospitals, and Facilities

  • Offshore Platforms Telecommunications

  • Mills and Processing Plants

  • Power Generation Units

  • Auto Industry Protection

  • Cargo Holds and Shipboard Machinery Space

  • Flammable Materials Storage

  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Data Storage and Processing Centers

  • Regulation News for Vessels



Coastal Fire Protection's field superintendents are experienced consultants who are well prepared to meet your requests during construction according to project guidelines.


Our installation crews are efficient, orderly, and cooperative on the job site. We are staffed to maintain top performance and adhere to deadlines while providing the highest quality product. Our specialized  project managers have the skills and ability to complete large and complex projects.

Inspection & Maintenance


Coastal Fire Protection performs: complete system, renovation, repair and maintenance of:


  • Special Hazard systems

  • Fire & Gas detection systems

  • Dry Pipe systems

  • Wet Pipe systems

  • Fire Pump / Water Tanks

  • Pre-action systems

  • Stand pipe systems



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