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Stringent Fire Safety Regulations Drives Demand for Fire Extinguishers, According to New Report by G

Defined as a fire protection device designed to douse small fires, fire extinguishers are poised to witness strong growth led by growing awareness over the importance of fire accident prevention. Federal level initiatives undertaken to spread fire safety awareness is a factor encouraging voluntarism in fire-prevention. A fire extinguisher comprises a handheld cylinder pressure container filled with water, gas, foam or other fire antagonistic chemical agents to extinguish fire. Rising incidents of fire accidents and the ensuing economic and social loss stemming from property damage and loss of lives, is driving the adoption of fire extinguishers in commercial and residential buildings. Recovering global GDP, resurgence in remodelling and renovation activity in developed economies, steady rise in new constructions in emerging markets, and stricter law enforcements are driving growth in the market. The growing focus on preventing business interruption and the resulting losses due to fire is spurring demand for both passive and active fire suppression equipment in the industrial sector. Read more:

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